Shopping for your Gown

When selecting your perfect wedding gown be sure and look at the manufactures care label for cleaning instructions.

Believe it or not, we have seen gowns which have care labels which state: “Do Not Dry Clean, Do Not Wash.”

Others may state that the gown should be mailed to a post office box for cleaning or should be cleaned by one establishment only.

Prior to the Wedding...

Avoid excessive handling of your gown. Clean hands are a must.

Carefully and fully inspect your gown—inside and out.

Check the beading—is it sewed or glued? Some glued beads cannot withstand dry cleaning or even a gentle wet cleaning process.

Inspect the gown for loose trim—make sure all ends are properly sewed.

Look at the pleats. Sometimes small pleats may not withstand cleaning,pressing or steaming without loosing their crispness or structure.

Always hang your wedding dress from the loops inside the gown which are attached to the side seams. No wire hangers!

Protect your gown from exposure to light and air by wrapping it in a clean sheet. Never keep your gown in a plastic bag fabric needs to breath.

Keep your gown away from extreme heat or humidity.

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Carol Clarke
The Clothes Doctor


Be prepared with a For Your Perfect Day Emergency Gown Care Kit ™ which can assist in case of unplanned problems which might occur on your Wedding Day. This is a “must-have” for any bride.
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