Our guarantee insures your wedding dress or special occasion dress against yellowing and sugar staining, also known as caramelized sugar staining. Our preservation process also maintains the integrity of your wedding gown's fabric, color, and any decorative features.

Our written International Gown Preservation guarantee gives you peace-of-mind that your gown has been professionally cared for.

At any time, you may return your wedding dress, or special occasion dress, to The Clothes Doctor, who will inspect and press it at no charge. Improper handling of your gown without the supervision of a Wedding Gown Specialist may cause damage and compromise the true preservation of your gown. We'll tell you more about our guarantee when you meet with The Clothes Doctor.

Remember, with the Clothes Doctor you get:

  • Free consultations and helpful advice to care for your wedding dress on the day of your wedding

  • Peace of Mind (we're experts!)

  • A Lifetime Guarantee, in writing that guarantees our workmanship

  • Pick-up and delivery service is available in Los Angeles and throughout Orange County

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Carol Clarke
The Clothes Doctor


Our written Gown Preservation guarantee gives you the peace-of-mind you want for your wedding dress or other special formalwear.

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